Ontario Tech University is committed to keeping our training current and as such have made the decision to deactivate the Mindsight educational website effective Friday, June 28, 2024.

We understand the impact this decision may have on those of you who rely on Mindsight training materials for your courses or other mental health education needs.
To support you in this transition, another mental health training resource is available through the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

If you have any questions, please contact wellnessatwork@ontariotechu.ca

Welcome to Mindsight!

Mental illness is a growing public health concern. Currently one in five Canadians will develop a mental illness in their lifetime and most Canadians know someone who has a mental illness; however, stigma often prevents individuals from seeking help. Mental illness is also a growing concern for educational institutions and suicide is the second leading cause of death on post-secondary campuses (COU, 2007 Report on Mental Health Issues in Universities). Mindsight is an online educational resource to reduce stigma by promoting awareness of mental illness, and facilitating a greater understanding of basic strategies and resources for supporting individuals experiencing a mental health challenge. It highlights the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses and also includes self-help strategies; strategies for helping a friend, colleague, or family member; treatment options; and available community resources.

Mindsight takes approximately two hours to complete and you do not have to complete it in one session. To get started, click on the link. There are ten Tabs across the top; each represents a different section in Mindsight: stigma, depression, anxiety, substance use, suicide, self harm, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, psychosis, and trauma. Click on each of the Tabs, scroll down through the information provided and also review the Did You Know, Fact or Myth, and Support sections located on the right hand side. The Support section has been divided into Support and Treatment, and Education Resources. At the end of each of the ten sections there is a quiz (five multiple choice questions based on the material you have just reviewed). By completing each of the quizzes and correctly answering four out of five of the questions (you can do the quizzes as many times as you would like) you are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion; click on the Request Certificate button. You will be asked for your name, mailing address, and an email address. Your certificate will be mailed out to you in approximately ten to fifteen business days.

Mental illness awareness has become an important life skill for everyone. By becoming better informed and talking more openly, we can promote greater understanding and work towards eliminating stigma. Please join me in promoting mental illness awareness and complete Mindsight. Together we can make a difference; let’s ensure individuals feel able to seek the mental health support and services they need without the fear of being stigmatized.

Thank you!
Wendy Stanyon
Associate Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences
Collaborative BScN Program
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
For support, contact mindsightsupport@ontariotechu.ca

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